Wires and Cables

A variety of wires

Electra provides a variety of wires for every conceivable type of connections. Just drag and drop to place wires on your drawing. In addition, you can always customize wires, and drop them into your own custom stencils for further usage.

Variety of Wires
Variety of Wires

Automatic wire name detection

When a wire is dragged and moved to connect to another wire, Electra will automatically detect and assign a wire name to the connected wire.

Wire Name Detection
Wire Name Detection

Wire name propagation

If you have multiple wires connected together, changing the name of any wire will also changes the names for all connected wires. Changes will propagate to all connected wires, through wire links and even over multiple pages.

Intelligent wires in Electra

Automatic wire connection

When a wire is connected to another wire, Electra automatically creates a connection point and connects the 2 wires together. When you move the wire away, the connection point is automatically deleted.

Wire Connection
Wire Connection

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Wire links are used to extend a wire to another location, on the same page or to another page, while still symbolically representing a single wire. Use FromWireLink (source) to extend a wire to another location and ToWireLink (target) to continue a wire from another location. When you double click on unpaired links, Electra will automatically prompt you to pair them. When double clicking on paired links, Electra will automatically jump to the target link.

Wire Links
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