Disclosure of Security Vulnerabilities

Our cloud-native software is used by a lot of people on a daily basis, and we want to make sure it is secure for everyone. If you happen to discover a security vulnerability, it would be greatly appreciated if you could assist us in responsibly disclosing it to us.

If you find any security vulnerabilities or have any concerns, please contact us at [email protected]. Keep in mind that Siemens Industry Software Sdn. Bhd. does not have a bug bounty programme with monetary rewards. However, we would be delighted to offer you recognition for your time and effort spent on our site. As we are a small team, we appreciate your patience as we work on your report submission.

We’d like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Husnain Iqbal (CEO of Alpha Inferno PVT Ltd), Pratik Suresh Karan, Mayank Gandhi, Sayeed Shaik, Ahmed Hassan, Akash Rajendra Patil (Security Consultant), Yash Kushwah, Ayush Singh, Nilesh Agrawal, Satyam Singh, Ritik Singh, Narendra Kumar, Priyanshu Singh, Sumit Upadhyay, Anas Jamal, Sanjay Cybersecurity, and Nikhil Rane who have responsibly disclosed one or more security flaws in our products. As a result, we are able to improve and provide better service to our customers.

On behalf of the team at Siemens Industry Software Sdn. Bhd., thank you.
Report any vulnerability to us at [email protected].

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