Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

What is P&ID?

P&ID (Piping and Instrumentation Diagram) is a detailed schematic drawing representation in the process industry that shows various symbols that represent an actual equipment in a plant. By designing the functional relationship between the major process system components such as piping (fittings), instrumentation, valves and equipment, they indirectly illustrate the interaction process components used to control the entire process. All of the equipment and instrumentation needed for a process is included in the drawing using symbols, and any interconnecting pipework is represented using lines. P&ID also shows information about the design such as the equipment tags, line labels, nominal sizes, quantities, and connectivity.

P&ID instrument symbol design

Instrument symbols have Type and Loop number shown on the graphical symbol. The reference of the instrument is the combination of Type and Loop number. Electra is smart enough to recognize the Type and Loop number from the reference and synchronize them on the symbol itself.

P&ID Instrument
P&ID Instrument

To create tank with more inlets and outlets

To create a tank with more inlets and outlets, users could reuse the tank symbols provided and add in or reduce the connection points.

  • To add connection points, please refer to this help article.
  • To delete connection points, please refer to this help article.

Assigning component, piping or signal

Users could assign component(s) to P&ID symbols as what other Electra symbols do. Same goes to pipes and signal lines, users could assign piping or signal to the corresponding wiring.

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