Intelligent Terminals

Terminal status detection

Terminal symbols are always placed on wires. In Capital Electra X, the terminal symbol will be displayed as red when it is not placed on a wire. When placed on a wire, it will automatically detect the underlying wire and will be displayed as black.

Terminal status
Terminal status

Automatic wire splitting

When a terminal is placed on a wire, Capital Electra X automatically splits the wire into two parts. When split wires are too short to display wire names, Capital Electra X will automatically hide wire names for improved viewing.

Wire ssplitting

Using and generating terminals

To use terminals:

  • Drop terminal symbols on wires.
  • Drop terminal list symbol, right click and select Generate to generate terminal listing.
  • Arrange terminal listings, then drop a terminal block symbol to encapsulate the terminal listings.
  • Right click on the terminal block and select Edit Terminal Block or Renumber.
Generating terminals

Generated terminal listing will automatically update wire names when they are changed on a wire. Generated terminal number will automatically update on terminal symbols (when terminal with numbers is used). If there are any modifications of terminal symbols after generating terminal listings, right click on any TerminalList symbol and generate again. Capital Electra X will automatically synchronize (create or remove) TerminalList symbol based on your modifications.

To insert manual terminal listing, simply drop a TerminalList symbol or duplicate from another. Manually inserted terminal listings will be preserved by Capital Electra X, while automatically generated terminal listings will be automatically created or removed by Capital Electra X during terminal listing generation.

Manually assigning terminal numbers

If you wanted to manually assign terminal numbers, simply click on any terminal symbol and type away. For example, you can click on any terminal symbol and type in "X1-3". These terminal numbers will be automatically picked up by Capital Electra X when generating Terminal listing.

Terminal numbering
Terminal numbering

Alternatively, users can right click on a TerminalBlock symbol and select Renumber Terminals, then Capital Electra X will automatically assign terminal numbers and update them on both terminal symbols and terminal listings. Automatically generated terminal numbering will always overwrite manually assigned terminal numbers.

Jumping to linked terminals

Double click or right click on any terminal listing to jump to the terminal symbol. On the terminal symbol, double click or right click again to jump back to the terminal listing. During jumping, the target terminal symbol or terminal listing will always be selected for easy viewing.

Jumping to terminals

Using terminal blocks

Terminals are normally handled as blocks. Users may have one row of higher rated terminals and other rows of lower rated terminals. Capital Electra X enables a mix of terminals by using the TerminalBlock symbol. To use the TerminalBlock symbol:

  • Drag a TerminalBlock symbol onto your drawing.
  • Drag and resize the TerminalBlock symbol and ensure that it encapsulate all your terminal listings.
  • Right click and select Renumber Terminals to generate TerminalBlock with numbers.

TerminalBlock symbols will automatically calculate the amount of TerminalList symbols that it encapsulate. When TerminalList symbols are added onto a drawing, click on the TerminalBlock symbol, drag and resize the TerminalBlock symbol to encapsulate all TerminalList again, and Capital Electra X will automatically re-calculate TerminalList symbols. Alternatively, to manually re-calculate, right click on the TerminalBlock symbol and select Count Terminals.

The Terminal block symbol
The Terminal block symbol

The TerminalBlock symbol is also used during panel layout to generate a terminal block component. To edit the TerminalBlock reference, right click and select Edit Terminal Block:

Terminal block reference
Terminal block reference

When you drag a TerminalBlock symbol from a stencil, the symbol will be populated with default values. When you duplicate a TerminalBlock symbol from an existing one, it will inherit all the properties from the symbol that it is copied from. For example, you may use terminals that is 15mm wide. Drag a TerminalBlock symbol from the stencil, set the width property to 15mm, duplicate 3 more TerminalBlock symbols and all of them will inherit the properties and have the Terminal Width property set at 15mm. Alternatively, TerminalBlock properties can also be accessed by using the Generate Layout or Manage Component window.

Organizing multitier terminals

Some terminals may have just 2 connections while others may have 4 or more connections, and we called these terminals, multitier terminals. To enable Capital Electra X to identify terminals with more than 2 connections, simply arrange them in parallel, either horizontally or vertically.

Multitier terminals

Ensure that the TerminalBlock symbol encapsulates all terminals and Capital Electra X will be able to identify and count them properly. Once counted, Capital Electra X would be able to generate BOM and layout accordingly.

Counting multitier terminals
Counting multitier terminals
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