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Using the dashboard

Create and manage drawings

Create and manage teams

Sharing and collaborating

Creating your own title blocks

Symbols and components

Creating your own symbol


Re-using circuits

Intelligent terminals

PLC shapes

The ladder zone shape

Panel layout

Generating and exporting reports

Preferences and settings

Basic shape operations

Advanced shape operations

Using stencils and symbols

Modifying fonts and text

Using flow text

Arranging and aligning shapes

Using the color picker

Using painter

Applying shadow, bevel and other effects

Shape properties and formulas

Page size, scaling and units

Multiple pages

Exporting shapes and drawings

Creating and using layers

Using version control

Add custom data

Add custom menu

Using dark mode

Using Clip Path


Keyboard shortcuts


Google Drive Integration

Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

The sub panel symbol

Add custom events

Importing and Exporting

Using templates

Import drawings or stencils from Electra E6/E7/E8

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