Re-Using Circuits

Intelligent copying and auto rename

One of the most powerful and useful tool on Electra is intelligent duplication of entire circuits. In most schematic drawings, there are similar circuits that are duplicated throughout the drawing (e.g. motor starter and control circuits). All references and wires on these circuits must be correctly and uniquely numbered. The issue is further complicated by the fact that certain symbols should be renumbered while others left unchanged (e.g. a common safety relay on motor control circuits should not be renumbered). Electra solves all this complexity by allowing users to choose wires and references that should be left unchanged and automatically and intelligently renumbering wires and references through its AutoRename window.

To duplicate and reuse your circuits:

  • Select all the shapes in your circuit.
  • Press CTRL + C key to copy and press CTRL + V key to paste.
  • Select/Deselect symbols and wires to be renamed on the AutoRename window.
  • Click OK and then drag your new circuit to your desired position.
Copy and Paste

Prefab circuits

Pre-Fabricated (Prefab) circuits are circuits that you often use on your projects and are created and stored in a custom stencil of your own choosing. Prefab circuits are extremely portable, and easily shared among different projects, teams or even online, by simply sending over a stencil.


Creating prefab circuits

To create a prefab circuit:

  • Select all the shapes in your circuit.
  • Drag and drop them into a custom stencil.

Your newly created prefab circuit will be then be stored in the stencil of your choosing.

Using and sharing prefab circuits

To use a prefab circuit, simply drag and drop them from your stencil and place it anywhere on your drawing. Electra will automatically display the AutoRename window to ensure all numberings are correct.

To share a prefab circuit, simply click on the Edit stencil menu, then on Share stencil.

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