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Get to know Capital Electra X in just 2 minutes

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Just a secure sign in and you're in business, works even when offline and will sync when online.

Capital Electra X contains all the advanced electrical schematic automation tools to complete your engineering projects easier, faster, together.

Trusted by engineers in more than 50 countries to make their jobs easier, faster, less stressful and more productive.

I'm really enjoying the software. Simple and easy to get started. Great documentation...
Your support these couple of days has been excellent. Big thanks.

Tomi Westerholm

Electrical engineers are the busiest people on earth

Therefore, we designed Capital Electra X to let you accomplish more by doing less

Capital Electra X automagically wires your circuits when you place symbols onto your drawings, resulting in 3 times faster circuit completion.

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Reuse your circuits with just drag and drop, and all symbols and wires will be intelligently renamed, saving you a ton of time.

Circuits can be saved onto your own stencils, so the entire team can reuse them for extreme productivity gains.

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Why Capital Electra X?

Capital Electra X lets you complete your control and automation projects easier, faster, together


  • No training, setup and installation required. Just a secure sign in and you're in business.
  • Designing electrical circuits is difficult enough, using the software shouldn't be.
  • We don't sell you training and support simply because you don't need it.
  • Everything is basically drag and drop. Get productive in hours, not weeks and months.
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  • Reap all the benefits of a collaborative cloud native electrical CAD .
  • Access or share critical electrical CAD schematics using any device, anywhere in the world, with secure and customizable access permissions.
  • Get the latest changes with options to roll back using built-in versioning. Lower your IT cost, and enjoy peace of mind with automated daily backups.
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Full-fledged Online Electrical CAD with no compromise

Work from home or anywhere else, with collaboration you'd expect from a modern web app

Sample Electrical Schematic Circuit Drawings
Sample Electrical Schematic Circuit Drawings
Find out how intelligent numbering automatically tags your symbols and wires and helps you create circuits easier and faster Intelligent automatic numbering

Automatically tags your symbols and wires to create circuits quickly and avoid errors.

What is smart inheritance, and how it can help you assign components to circuits quickly Smart symbol and wire inheritance

Assign a component once, and re-use over and over again, without extra work.

How auto straightening wires helps you with less drafting, so you can concentrate on safety and design Automatically straightened wires

Automatically straighten your wires when you modify circuits to improve productivity.

Easily find location of symbols and wires with real time cross references Real time cross reference

Easily find location of symbols and wires with real time cross references.

How to generate panel layout in a few simple steps Automatically generate panel layout

Easily generate panel layout drawings based on your electrical CAD schematics.

Find out how you can generate terminals quickly and automatically in Capital Electra Generate, count and number terminals

Automatically generate, count and number terminals with just a few clicks.

Generate a variety of reports inside your drawings, with options to select fields and display them over multiple pages Generate BOM and other reports

Generate Bill of materials, in addition to a host of other reports instantly.

Find out how you can generate your own custom PLC symbol easily Powerful PLC module

Generate input, output or analog modules from any manufacturer instantly.

Work better, together

Work collaboratively in real-time, or share your drawings to get fast feedback

Compare visual differences and roll back to previous revisions with built in versioning

Share drawing URL

Share a drawing with clients, vendors, and stake holders with just a URL, no downloads required

Industry standard SVG file format, so you can edit your schematics anywhere with no data lock in

Edit electrical schematics in real-time with anyone in the world using Capital Electra X's collaborative editor

Automatically share drawings, symbols, plugins and templates with the entire team

Discuss, communicate or simply work better together, with Capital Electra X's built-in chat box

Keep everyone in the loop using Capital Electra X's desktop and app notifications

Slack & Google drive integration

Share and discuss your project, right inside your favourite collaboration software

Worried about privacy? We've got an offline package that will work securely and privately

Thousands of Electrical, Pneumatic & Hydraulic symbols

Choose from an extensive set of JIC and IEC symbols, with more being added everyday

Thousands of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic symbols
Thousands of electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic symbols

Creating your own symbol?

We've got you covered. Simply draw using operations like trim, join, fragment, union;
and Capital Electra X will automatically insert data and intelligence to create a schematic symbol in no time.

Our story

In the market for 15 years, we heard you want a modern electrical CAD with all the benefits of cloud.

And so, we started building as Capital Electra X's platform (Previously known as Electra Cloud) in 2016, and we are now thrilled to provide you a fully cloud-native electrical schematic CAD software that is modern, stable and customizable. Therefore, you may save even more time and money when creating electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and P&ID diagrams.

Now that we’re a proud member of the Siemens family, we look forward to greater development and support for our users, which we have always taken pride in.


Capital Electra X roadmap

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