May 20, 2020

Introducing Electra E9 (Offline App)

AKA Electra E9 Perpetual plan

Looking at our roadmap, you’d have expected it - Electra Cloud Offline app. In our newsletters, we announced that the Offline app is going to be released by May 2020.

Today, we’re excited to be living up to our promise, releasing our Offline app!

Electra E9 UI (Offline)
Electra E9 UI (Offline)

You can now use Electra Cloud as an on-premise solution with our Offline app. Save and open files from your desktop and also your internal servers, just like any desktop program.

Upon releasing Electra Cloud in February 2020, we’ve received multiple feedback from users requesting for an on-premise solution due to privacy concerns with company policies disallowing the use of cloud software.

To enable businesses that own designs that are sensitive in nature to also use Electra, we started building this Offline app months ago and we’re now another step closer to having engineers across all backgrounds and industries to be part of us.

Available to all Perpetual users

Our perpetual package will be sold separately as E9 Perpetual plan here: Electra E9 (Offline)

Everything you’d expect from Electra Cloud in browser

The offline app has all the same easy-to-use stencils, plugins and productivity tools from Electra Cloud, all from the comfort and security of your desktop.

With the familiar interface you see from Electra Cloud, using the Offline app is a no-brainer.

All you need is to download the installer file, install it on your PC with a one-time online activation, and you’re all set!

How to share drawings and symbols from Offline app?

To share your files, you’ll have to copy the stencil files (in .svg format) to a shared network folder. After that, in your app, on File | Preferences | Files, change the stencil path shown below to the shared network folder path.

Files path in Offline App
Files path in Offline App

What about updates and new releases?

All new features and functionalities you see in Electra Cloud will be released simultaneously on our Offline app too.

You’ll be notified for any new updates that are released in the application itself, and you can choose to update anytime when you’ve got internet access.

What’s next for Electra Cloud Offline app?

This is just the first version of Offline app, marking the beginning of our on-premise solution, and we’re now working hard on the next set of features, including:

  • Feature to enable syncing of drawings from offline app to browser
  • Support for multilingual
  • Importation of Visio drawings (.vsdm, .vss formats)

Try Electra Cloud Offline app today

Our offline app is now ready for you to test-drive, ping us at [email protected] if you would like to give it a try and we’ll send you the details.

As always, we appreciate feedback of any sorts, comment below and let us know what you think!

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