July 22, 2020

Greatly Improved Terminal Generation

With some algorithm changes, terminal generation is much improved, which results in faster generation of terminals and also wire detection.

1. Automatic Terminal Block Numbering

Terminal blocks now have automatic numbering and their numbering will be automatically incremented when Electra detects that you already have such a terminal block on your drawing. We hope this makes your work a little easier and faster.

2. Custom Terminal Numbering

When you drop a terminal symbol on a wire, the terminal numbering will show "0" to denote that it's currently not numbered. Rather than wait until you generate Terminal Listing, and for Electra to automatically number your terminals, you can now set your own numbering simply by selecting a terminal symbol, and typing away.

Once you type in any numbering or text, during terminal listing generation, Electra will automatically pick up these data to be reflected in your terminal listing

Bear in mind though, when you use a TerminalBlock and select "Renumber Terminals", Electra will change what you typed back to it's normal format (X1-1).

3. Multitier Terminal Blocks

Terminal blocks in Electra can now handle multi-tier terminals as shown on the left. Essentially, you still generate terminal listing by right clicking on a TerminalList symbol and selecting "Generate Listing".

After terminal listing generation, you would have to arrange your terminals, and ensure they are arranged in parallel, either vertically or horizontally for the Terminal Block symbol to be able to recognize the multitier terminals, as below:

Once you have arranged your terminal listings, drop a TerminalBlock symbol onto your drawing, and encapsulate all stacked terminal listing with a Terminal Block and Electra would be able to automatically identify stacked terminals, therefore automatically count stacked terminals as a single unit, and also renumber them accordingly as seen below:

4. Improved algorithms for even faster generation speed

Both terminal listing and wire detection algorithms have been improved, resulting in as much as 4 times higher generation speed. We're obsessed and geeky about these things, but only in a good way, so hopefully it'll help you get the circuits done a little bit faster.

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