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Discover New Features in Electra Cloud

We are now part of Siemens’ family. Electra Cloud is now Capital Electra X and Electra E9 is now Capital Electra 2210.

Using an electrical CAD software doesn’t have to be difficult and time consuming. In Electra Cloud, our motto is to make engineers’ lives easier. Electra Cloud has all the automation tools and features you require to create an electrical schematic drawing in the shortest amount of time, while effectively collaborating with your team.

Our team is constantly designing and improving features with our users in mind. Today we’re introducing some recent new features and tools that will definitely help you achieve more with less time.

New: Component database UI

Easily navigate through the component database and quickly locate component categories with the new interface. The custom category is located on the top of the list, followed by the default categories.

Also, easily delete multiple components at once with just a click. Just press and hold the Ctrl key or Command key for Mac, and select the components you wish to delete.

The component database in Electra
The component database in Electra

New: Realtime reference window

Moving forward, you will definitely find this new Realtime reference window convenient as it allows you to locate, view and check symbols in your drawing easily.

To view the symbols, go to View, click on Show references window, then expand the references. The reference window will immediately show the reference of a symbol when you click on it on the drawing and vice versa. The list will also be updated automatically after adding a symbol, editing a symbol or deleting a symbol.

The realtime reference window in Electra

New: Commenter mode

Introducing a new permission mode: Commenter. With this mode, you may share drawings with key stakeholders without the risk of it being accidentally modified by others.

The commenter’s permissions are as follows:

  • Able to view and export drawings.
  • Able to leave comments on drawings.
  • Able to draw on their own layer which will not make any changes to the actual drawing.The owner of the drawing can choose to show or hide the commenter's layer.

You may invite someone as a commenter to the team, folder or drawings.

Sharing with commenter in Electra
Sharing with commenter in Electra

New: Generate Layout dialog UI

Our developers have also come up with a new UI for the Generate layout dialog. A major difference is the addition of the preview window, which ensures easy viewing and editing before generating a layout. You can hover over the preview of the layout and choose Select to select another layout symbol or View to view its graphics.

The generate layout dialog in Electra

Navigating across PDFs has been made far easier with the ability to move across pages and redirect to websites when clicking on shapes. This feature comes in handy especially when conducting presentations. It makes navigating across websites, pages or electrical diagrams easy and fast.

How does this work? You can attach hyperlinks to a shape to open up websites or link a page to a shape to switch between pages in PDFs. For an example, see below:

Adding hyperlinks to shapes in Electra

You can also export PDFs with wire links as shown below:

Using wire links in PDF

New Plugin: Generate list of connections

With the new Generate list of connections plugin, you won’t have to generate a whole connection report with multiple pages to check the wiring one by one. The plugin enables you to only generate the connections of a component just by selecting its reference.

A list of connections will be generated on the top left of the page, so you can read or check the connections clearly and create wiring for one component at a time. You may find this plugin in the Plugins menu, under Reports.

The Generate connections plugin in Electra

New Symbol: Fitting Manifold

The new Fitting Manifold symbol can be utilized in pipe fittings for hydraulic and pneumatic drawings. You may find it in the Pneumatic Misc or Hydraulic Misc stencils. To customize the symbol and its port numbers, simply right click and choose Set Manifold, then key in the values required.

Setting manifold in Electra

New Symbol: Mounting hole

Another new symbol added to the symbols library is the Mounting Hole, which can be found under the Layout stencil. You can now print layouts with the dimensions of mounting holes which simplifies the process of drilling mounting holes on panels. You may show or hide the layer with the mounting holes before printing by clicking the eye icon on the Properties menu.

The Mounting hole symbol in Electra

Improved: Component Tag

The upgraded component tag symbol is both versatile and convenient as it shows component information of symbols from any page. To select a reference using the component tag symbol, drop it on your drawing, right-click, and choose Select Reference. Symbols are not required to be on the same page as the component tag symbol. This is also useful to display component information from a panel layout page.

The component tag in Electra

We hope the new features improve your productivity. Rest assured, Electra Cloud will continue to break boundaries and introduce many more disruptive features in the near future.

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