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Electrical design software that's faster, easier, more intuitive and much more affordable. Electra lets you complete your circuit design easily 3x faster, with virtually no learning curve. If you can use Microsoft® Word®, you can draft your circuits the first time you use it. Tried, tested and proven for more than 7 years, Electra is now used by the US Army, the US Navy, a division of NASA as well as hundreds of electricians, engineers and technicians all over the world!

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Works on Microsoft Visio

Easy and intuitive, you'll pick up Electra and Visio in hours, not days and weeks, even if you're a casual user without additional ongoing support.

No training required

Designing electrical circuits is hard enough, using the software shouldn't be. We don't sell you training and support simply because you don't need it.

Useful and powerful

No bells and whistles, just powerful tools that lets you get the job done right. Our PREFAB technology lets you re-use your circuits using only drag and drop.

Fast, really fast

Start designing electrical circuits right out of the box, and complete your design at a fraction of the time. Generate Bill of Materials at the click of a button.

Service is everything

Respecting customer's time and trust, we answer all emails ourselves, promptly, no auto-responders, no excuses. Check out our customer's praises.

Tried, tested and proven

Over 7 years on the market, Electra is used by thousands of electrical engineers all over the world. See just a handful of the customers we've helped along the way!

No hidden fees or secret prices

Just the best value electrical CAD software on the market today. Our prices are public, published right on our site, and the same no matter who you are.

Try It Before You Buy It

No forms to fill, nothing to cancel, no gimmicks and no strings attached. If it's not for you, simply delete it, but if you love it, you can find our prices here.

If you're not an AutoCAD guru and/or want to get control drawings and layouts done quickly and inexpensively, it might be worthwhile to check these guys out.

Jeremy Pollard, CET
Control Design Magazine

I must tell you that I have had so much fun working with this program that I only thought of sending you an e-mail confirming that everything is working well by now. This program is really easy to work with, it only took me a week to update all my drawings, with the CAD systems it would have never happened.

Dries Grobler, Pretoria Motor Control Gear Products, South Africa

I have to honestly say that Electra is one of the best supported software I had in years, I had an error message and it was taken care of in a very professional, friendly manner within a day (using remote desktop PC software). Your excellent service is greatly appreciated in these days, where good service is hard to find.

Paul van Zyl, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, INC., South Africa

...I love the software, I have trialed many CAD systems over the last couple of weeks and your's is by far the easiest to use!

Guy Rayner, Rayner Electrical Ltd, New Zealand

... Can't praise Electra enough. We can make drawings a heck of a lot quicker, our productivity has significantly increased, and we produce a more professional document package for our customers. All thanks to Electra. We are even using it for the ATEX systems we are producing. Would recommend it to anyone! ...

You have excellent software and especially excellent customer service. I have already recommended your Electra program to an associate...You have the best customer service I have seen in a long time. Keep up the good work.

Jim West, Cardinal Technical Services Inc., USA

... Thanks for all your help. All our issues are resolved. When I selected Electra to use in our office my boss hummed and hawed about getting support from a company that is half way around the world. Good job.

Fransis X. Ökrös, Concept Group, Canada.

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Electra works flawlessly on an Apple Mac
  • Electra works flawlessly even on an Apple Mac using Parallels virtualization software.
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