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Designed for minimal typing

To maximize productivity, we designed an Electrical CAD software that requires minimal typing. Being engineers ourselves, we wanted to produce electrical designs faster and safer, without manual typing errors.

Spin buttons are available on most dialog boxes to reduce typing.Spin buttons are available on most dialog boxes to reduce typing.

Symbol and wires in Electra are intelligently and automatically renamed, and even when typing is required, spin buttons and double clicking are available on most dialog boxes for modifications using the mouse only.

What is designed for minimal typing?What is designed for minimal typing?

Intelligent naming and inheritance

One of the most repeated task during electrical and control drafting is the duplication of symbols and wires. When symbols or wires are duplicated, Electra automatically and intelligently rename them to the next sequential number (eg: R1 to R2), saving an immense amount of drafting time.

Intelligent numbering and inheritance on Electra.Intelligent numbering and inheritance on Electra.

If a reference is modified to C1, and the symbol duplicated, Electra will inherit the formatting and intelligently rename to C2. If a symbol is assigned to a component, say a Rockwell relay, when duplicated, the new symbol will automatically be assigned to a relay as well, due to inheritance. The process feels like you've just hired really good help, show how it's done once, and Electra picks it up from there, no predefined formats to remember.

What is Intelligent Naming and Inheritance?What is Intelligent Naming and Inheritance?

Super smart wires

Wires in Electra are intelligent and super smart. If they have no name, they will be shown in red. If they are connected to another wire, they will assume the name of the wire it is connected to. When a wire name is modified, the changes will automatically be propagated to all connected wires, even over wire links and over multiple pages.

When a wire is connected to another, connection points are automatically added, wires are automatically connected and a connection dot shown. When a wire is removed, these connection points are automatically removed.

Electra smartly and automatically manages connection dots.Electra smartly and automatically manages connection dots.

Depending on how you connect wires, they will automatically get straightened when modified. This allow users to concentrate on creating great electrical circuit designs, rather than drafting and formatting.

What are super smart wires?What are super smart wires?How wire propagation works in Electra.How wire propagation works in Electra.Even smarter wires for faster circuit creation.Even smarter wires for faster circuit creation.

Effortless wire links

Using wire links in Electra is easy and effortless. Drop them, pair them, done.

Wire links automatically shows the wire name and location of the target link it is paired to. If you connect a wire to a link, the wire automatically detects it's wire name. If you modify the source wire name, the changes gets propagated on all wires and links, even over multiple pages.

How to use wire links.How to use wire links.

Real time cross reference

Know exactly how many symbols and wires you have on your drawings and their location, with sorted, real time cross reference information. Produce accurate, highly detailed electrical drawings quickly and easily. Accurate drawings facilitate easier communications with panel fabricators, customers and on-site engineers, which can lead to substantial time and money savings.

Real time cross reference information with locations.Real time cross reference information with locations.

Highly visible cross reference information.Highly visible cross reference information.Viewable cross references for symbols and wires.Viewable cross references for symbols and wires.

Powerful circuit re-use

One of the most powerful tool in Electra is its intelligent circuit re-use. No special tools or utility, just copy and paste, and Electra will be able to automatically and correctly rename all your symbols and wires. Draw once and re-use your circuits for unparalleled productivity gains with huge money and time savings.

Unit Agnostic Symbols and Circuits.Unit Agnostic Symbols and Circuits.Unit Agnostic Symbols and Circuits.Unit Agnostic Symbols and Circuits.What is Powerful Circuit Re-Use?What is Powerful Circuit Re-Use?

Amazing prefab circuits

Save entire circuits into stencils, then simply drag and drop them onto your electrical drawings. Build up your collection of commonly used circuits and never redraw them again. Share them on a network with your colleagues, email them to fabricators or share them online.

Electra supplied prefab circuits, users can make their own easily.Electra supplied prefab circuits, users can make their own easily.

Component information can also be stored on PreFab circuits, making them ultra portable for easy sharing. Make standardized electrical circuits and share them throughout your company and teams for extreme productivity gains.

Unit Agnostic Symbols and Circuits.Unit Agnostic Symbols and Circuits.Unit Agnostic Symbols and Circuits.Unit Agnostic Symbols and Circuits.How to use the amazing Prefab circuit?How to use the amazing Prefab circuit?

Assigning cables

Single core or multi core cables can be easily assigned to wires, with a simple right click on a wire or using the "Manage Cables" menu. Cable specifications are stored in a database so that they can be re-used over an over again without typing. Once assigned to a wire, the specifications are then stored in the drawing itself for portability, where a drawing can be easily shared without losing embedded cable information.

For multi core cables, changing cores is just a matter of dragging and dropping a wire to another core for fast and simple cable management.

Innovative CableTag symbol

Showing cable information is as easy as dropping a CableTag symbol onto a wire. Once dropped, the CableTag will automatically display cable information on any wire that it comes into contact with, without further actions from users. Additional information including brand, supplier, model, cores, pricing or other options are available by right clicking on the CableTag.

Easily show cable information simply by dropping a CableTag onto a wire.Easily show cable information simply by dropping a CableTag onto a wire.

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