What's new in Electra E8

New Pneumatic and Hydraulic reports generation

Available only on Enterprise version.

In Electra E8, you can now generate:

  • Tubing and Hosing Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Tubing and Hosing Reference report
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Connections report
Electra E8 Reports in Stencil.Electra E8 Reports in Stencil.

More Pneumatic and Hydraulic symbols

Available only on Enterprise version.

New symbols in all Pneumatic and Hydraulic stencils, including pumps, cylinders, and motors stencil, valves stencil and miscellaneous stencil.

Sample hydraulic circuits made using the new Electra E8.Sample hydraulic circuits made using the new Electra E8.

More layout symbols

  • New Layout symbols such as HMI and power sockets for different countries.

    Electra E8 Layout 3D Symbols.Electra E8 Layout 3D Symbols.
    Electra E8 Layout Symbols.Electra E8 Layout Symbols.
  • You can now generate terminal layout one by one with these new layouts symbol. There are 2-pins to 9-pins terminal layout, including the ground terminal.

    Electra E8 Terminal Layouts.Electra E8 Terminal Layouts.
  • New stopper layout shape to be used in your panel layout.

    Electra E8 Stopper Layout.Electra E8 Stopper Layout.

Ability to generate jumpers

Now you can set a wire as a jumper. Simply select a wire, then click on Electra | Tools | Set wires to jumpers. Once a wire is set to jumpers, Electra will be able to generate a Bill of Materials that include this jumper.

If you use jumpers on your terminals, Electra E8 will generate jumpers during generation of terminal listing, indicating the terminal are connected with jumper.

Jumpers generation.Jumpers generation.

In addition, Electra is able to generate panel layout with the jumper.

New component tag symbol

Similar to cable tag symbol, component tag symbol enables you to show description of component directly on your symbols. You can select specific fields in your component to be displayed on your component tag.

Improved cable assignments

Instead of assigning cable to wire one by one, you can now select multiple wires and get them automatically assigned to a cable with multiple cores.

Assign multiple wires to a cable.Assign multiple wires to a cable.

Better reports design

  • Ability to exclude default cable during report generation.

    Hide default cable in reports.Hide default cable in reports.
  • Simplified Pin Name format from [1], [2], [3] to 1, 2, 3 in generated reports. Both formats are acceptable when importing report.

    Simplified Pin Name format.Simplified Pin Name format.

Editing multiple symbols at once

Improved title block

  • Now you can add revision for your page using the new page revision title block data.

    New page revision title block data.New page revision title block data.
  • Page title in title block and page name will be synced if one of them is modified.

    Page title and page name is sync.Page title and page name is sync.

In addition to drawings specific revision text, Electra E8 allows you to add pages specific revision text in your title block data.

Improved PLC modules

In Electra E8, you can indicate your PLC inputs and outputs as Sinking or Sourcing alongside with its current flow (AC or DC).

Simply search for PLCAC/ PLCDC/ PLCSinkSource symbols and insert them into your PLC symbol. Watch the video below to learn more.

How to customize an existing symbol into a new one.How to customize an existing symbol into a new one.

Enhanced Ladder Zone functionalities

  • Option to disable autorename for wires and symbols in Ladder Zone

    After you have dropped symbols and wires onto a ladder zone, you can have an option to remain the symbol references and wire names when they are moved.

    Uncheck this option to disable the autorename for symbols and wires when they are moved.Uncheck this option to disable the autorename for symbols and wires when they are moved.
  • Update multiple Ladder Zones number at once

    With Electra E8, you do not need to renumber your ladder zone one by one. Simply click on Electra | Tools | Renumber Ladder Zones to renumber multiple ladder zones.

New wire bus symbol

Similar to the from/to wire link, now you can link multiple wires even faster using the new wire bus symbol.

Wire Bus symbolWire Bus symbol

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