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The new Electra E7: Easy to use electrical cad software

Find out why Electra E7 is the easiest to use Electrical CAD Software on the market, and how it can help you complete your electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic projects even easier and faster than ever before. Learn more...

  • Create circuits easier and faster.
  • Generate terminals and Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • Use JIC/IEC smart symbols, plus powerful tools.

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Used, trusted and loved by:
Notable Electra customer: Apple Computer Notable Electra customer: Jet Propulsion Laboratory Notable Electra customer: Sandia National Laboratory Notable Electra customer: Hewlett Packard Notable Electra customer: ABB Notable Electra customer: Schneider Electric Notable Electra customer: Bombardier 
Used, trusted and loved by:
Notable Electra customer: Apple ComputerNotable Electra customer: Jet Propulsion LaboratoryNotable Electra customer: Sandia National LaboratoryNotable Electra customer: Hewlett PackardNotable Electra customer: ABBNotable Electra customer: Schneider ElectricNotable Electra customer: Bombardier
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Thousands of engineers rely on Electra® to make their jobs easier, faster, less stressful and more productive.

Electra is used in more than 39 countries

From the electrical experts at SpaceX, Jet Propulsion Laboratories (NASA) and Sandia National Labs to automation systems integrators from the land of Gangnam style, South Korea, electrical engineers from over 42 countries depends on Electra to get their circuits done quickly, accurately and efficiently, every single day.

I love the software, I have trialled many CAD systems over the last couple of weeks and your's is by far the easiest to use!

Guy Rayner, Rayner Electrical Ltd, New Zealand

10 great reasons you should be using Electra.

  1. Works on Microsoft Visio.

    Easy and intuitive even for casual users. Get productive in hours, not weeks and months. Familiar to anyone already using Microsoft Office.
  2. No Training Required.

    Designing electrical circuits is difficult enough, using the software shouldn’t be. We don’t sell you training and support simply because you don’t need it.
  3. Fast, really fast.

    Complete electrical schematics more than 300% faster. Easily reuse common circuits, simply by dropping them onto a drawing.
  4. Use out of the box.

    Contains more than 700 beautiful, standardized symbols which transforms into thousands more. Making one yourself is a breeze.
  5. Totally understands electrical.

    Automatically tags symbols and wires, assigns the right component, generate terminals, plus many more powerful tools designed to keep things simple.
  6. Generate reports in a blink.

    Generate bill of materials, terminal listing, panel layout, cross references and other reports, instantly and at any time, with just a single click.
  7. Tried, tested and proven.

    Over 9 years in the market, used by thousands of engineers all over the world, and used to make complex circuits hundreds of pages long.
  8. Service and support is everything.

    Emails are answered within 24 hours by the developers themselves, no outsourcing, and more importantly, no excuses.
  9. No hidden fees nor secret pricing.

    And no maintenance fees. You get the best value we can offer our customers. Our prices are public and published right on our site.
  10. Try it before you buy it.

    No forms to fill, nothing to cancel, no gimmicks and no strings attached. Plus, backed by a no nonsense, 30 day money back guarantee.

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Try the easiest to use Electrical CAD software on the market absolutely FREE, no credit cards required. When you click the button below, you can immediately install the FULL version and be using it just seconds from now.

You get a full 30 days to try it out and see just how powerful it is. If you love it, simply purchase the affordable license and continue using it. If you don't, you'll never be charged a single penny. No gimmicks, nothing to buy, nothing to cancel, and no strings attached.

  • Create circuits easier and faster.
  • Generate terminals and Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • Use JIC/IEC smart symbols, plus powerful tools.

Electra is an Electrical CAD Software and requires Microsoft Visio Standard 32 bits (sold separately) to operate.
Problems? Questions? Drop us a line at [email protected].

What our customers are saying about us:

Control Design Magazine

If you're not an AutoCAD guru and/or want to get control drawings and layouts done quickly and inexpensively, it might be worthwhile to check these guys out.

Jeremy Pollard, CET, Control Design Magazine

I've been using your software for only a few days now (still on the trial) and I have to say you guys have done an awesome job!...Please let me stress again that overall, this is the best electrical drawing package I have ever come across. I can't wait to get a chance to fire it up again!

Colin Myburgh, South Africa

I must tell you that I have had so much fun working with this program that I only thought of sending you an e-mail confirming that everything is working well by now. This program is really easy to work with, it only took me a week to update all my drawings, with the CAD systems it would have never happened.

Dries Grobler, Pretoria Motor Control Gear Products, South Africa

Thank you for the Amazing support. These quick email responses made a huge impact on our decision to switch to Electra...

Michael Hickey, The Panel Shop Inc., Canada

Can't praise Electra enough. We can make drawings a heck of a lot quicker, our productivity has significantly increased, and we produce a more professional document package for our customers. All thanks to Electra. We are even using it for the ATEX systems we are producing. Would recommend it to anyone! ...

Julian Ramsey, DeeBridge Electrical Engineers Ltd, UK

You have excellent software and especially excellent customer service. I have already recommended your Electra program to an associate...You have the best customer service I have seen in a long time. Keep up the good work.

Jim West, Cardinal Technical Services Inc., USA

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