If I share and move a drawing to a folder, will it affect other users?

If it is a private drawing at Home, it will not affect other users. Every user is free to organize or move their drawing to any folders without affecting another user.

If the drawing is in a Team, then the entire team will be affected.

What happens if a user trashed the drawing I shared to them?

If an Owner trashed a drawing, then the shared drawing will also be trashed for other users.

Otherwise, the drawing will only be trashed for that particular user who trashed the drawing, while all other users will not be affected.

Can a user create a new drawing from shared drawing?

Yes. All users with Owner or Edit and share permissions can duplicate a drawing.

Can Electra generate a From/To report?

Yes, in its latest version, Electra can generate a From/To report. We call this a Connection Report.

I already have CAD symbols in AutoCad, can I import them into Electra?

Sure, you can simply drag and drop your AutoCAD drawing into Electra. Once imported, these symbols and drawings can be used in Electra to create native symbols using Create Symbol or Create Layout Symbol.

How to import drawing from Electra Cloud to Electra E9 and vice versa

Import Drawing From Electra Cloud to Electra E9

In the Electra Cloud toolbar, please go to File | Download to download the whole drawing. The drawing will be in SVG format.

Electra Cloud File Window
Electra Cloud File Window

Then, drag and drop the SVG file to Electra E9 to import the drawing.

Electra E9 Editor
Electra E9 Editor

Import Drawing From Electra E9 to Electra Cloud

Click File | Save or Save as to save your file in Electra E9.

Electra Cloud File Window
Electra Cloud File Window

Go to Electra Cloud and open a new drawing. Then, drag and drop the SVG file on the Editor to import the file.

Electra Cloud Editor
Electra Cloud Editor
Electra Cloud