Frequently Asked Questions:

»  Can Electra work on an Apple Mac?

»  Can Electra function without Microsoft Visio?

»  Which version of Microsoft Visio does Electra require?

»  What's the difference between the Professional and Enterprise Edition?

»  What's the difference between the Trial version and the Release version?

»  After installation, I cannot use the tools provided by Electra. What can I do?

»  I already have CAD symbols in AutoCad, can I import them into Electra or Visio?

»  Can I export Electra drawings into other formats?

»  Does Electra uses a hardware dongle?

»  Can Electra generate a From/To report?

»  Does the Electra software phone home?

»  What's a floating license?

»  How does the floating license work?

»  What's the disadvantage for the floating license?