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Activation or Installation Issues

»  Do I need to uninstall E6 before installing E7?

»  I am having trouble after installation. What can I do?

»  Why Electra tab in Visio is not showing anything?

»  Does the Electra software phone home?

»  I get "Connect a smart card" pop up from Windows Security. What should I do?

»  I encounter an error message of “The download of the specified resource has failed”
pop up during Electra activation. What should I do to continue the activation?

Electra Edition and Licenses

»  What's the difference between the Professional and Enterprise Edition?

»  What's the difference between the Trial version and the Release version?

»  What's a floating license?

»  How does the floating license work?

»  What's the disadvantage for the floating license?

Payments and Billing

»  How do I change my billing details for my Electra subscription plan?

»  Why didn't I receive any email nor serial number after purchasing?

»  How do I change a new email address to receive payments notifications such as invoices?

Electra Compatibility

»  Can Electra work on an Apple Mac?

»  Can Electra function without Microsoft Visio?

»  Which version of Microsoft Visio does Electra require?

»  Is Electra compatible with Windows 64-bits and Microsoft Visio 64-bits?

Why Visio?

»  Why is Visio 32-bits needed for Electra?

»  Can Electra run on Visio 32-bits AND Office 64-bits?

»  What's the difference between Office 64-bits and 32-bits?

»  How can I switch from Office 64-bits to 32-bits?

»  How can I still give Electra a try if I've Office 64-bits pre-installed in my PC?

»  Can I use Windows 64-bits for Electra?


»  I already have CAD symbols in AutoCad, can I import them into Electra or Visio?

»  Can I export Electra drawings into other formats?

»  Can Electra generate a From/To report?

»  Does Electra uses a hardware dongle?