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(Perpetual License)


  • Full Features
  • Optional Upgrade Fees

One-time Payment


(Perpetual License)


  • Full Features
  • Optional Upgrade Fees
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic

One-time Payment


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$69/ month

  • Full Features
  • Free Upgrade
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic

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$79/ month

  • Full Features
  • Free Upgrade
  • Pneumatic
  • Hydraulic

Billed Monthly

Electra is an Electrical CAD Software and requires Microsoft Visio Standard 32 bits (sold separately) to operate. Subscriptions will be automatically renewed at the end of each billing term, for the same duration as your initial subscription. Why Subscription?

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Floating License

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Upgrade Electra

Upgrade from E7 to E8

Title BlocksProfessionalProEnterpriseEnt
Extensive list of ready made title blocks, ability to create your own.
Automatically generate Table of Contents.
Electrical symbols and wiresProfessionalProEnterpriseEnt
Full list of intelligent symbols with automatic pin sets, ability to create your own.
Manage and assign components, including component database and categories.
Full list of wires with intelligent numbering and wire links.
Manage and assign cables, including cable database and CableTag symbol.
Powerful toolsProfessionalProEnterpriseEnt
Automatic Page Prefix management.
Intelligent naming and inheritance, including during copy and paste.
Using, generating and counting terminals.
Real time cross reference and locations.
Automatically locate references.
Prefab circuitsProfessionalProEnterpriseEnt
Using Prefab Circuits.
Creating, moving and sharing Prefab circuits.
Panel LayoutProfessionalProEnterpriseEnt
Realistic 3D panel layout symbols.
Automatically generate panel layout.
Create your own panel layout symbol.
Generating reports, importing and exportingProfessionalProEnterpriseEnt
Export and import symbol references and descriptions.
Generate and export Cross Reference report.
Generate and export Bills of Material report (BOM).
Generate, export and import Material Reference report.
Exporting and importing AutoCAD drawings.
Generate and export Cable Reference report.
Generate and export Connections report (From/To).
Pneumatics and HydraulicsProfessionalProEnterpriseEnt
Full list of intelligent pneumatic symbols, ability to create your own.
Full list of tubes (for pneumatic) with intelligent numbering and links.
Manage and assign tubing, including tubing database.
Full list of intelligent hydraulic symbols, ability to create your own.
Full list of hoses (for hydraulic) with intelligent numbering and links.
Manage and assign hosing, including hosing database.

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  • Free updates, including bug fixes and new feature release until the next version upgrade.
  • Prompt email support within 24 hours, max 48 hours barring local holidays.
  • All emails answered by the developers themselves, never outsourced, no auto responders and relevant.
  • Phone, video or remote access support, as required when the need arise, needs scheduling.
  • No maintenance fees nor any other hidden fees.
  • No questions asked, 30 day money back return policy.

What happens after you pay?

  • Users will be provided with a link to download the full software, together with an invoice and a serial number.
  • The download link is not time limited and never expires, and the software can be downloaded indefinitely.
  • Users are required to enter the serial number into the software and perform a one time online activation. If online activation is not possible, please contact us for offline activation.
  • No physical disks nor any packages will be sent.
  • Most orders will be processed instantly. Some orders may be held in review by Paypal and may be delayed for 24 hours, for which users will be notified by email. Upon completion of review by Paypal, the order will be processed instantly.
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Electra requires Microsoft Visio (not included) and can be purchased separately at

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