Symbols designed for flexibility and simplicity.

One symbol to rule them all.

Horizontal and vertical electrical symbols

Unlike other electrical CAD systems, symbols in Electra can be used for both horizontal and vertical drawings with a just a mouse click. Text and label positions are automatically changed, resulting in much faster design cycles.

If you are making your own custom symbols, Electra automatically inserts intelligence into your custom symbols to ensure they behave consistently, with automatic rotation for horizontal and vertical drawings.

Electrical symbols with multiple forms

Instead of having a few hundred symbols with little differences to choose from, we designed our symbols to be flexible, simple and smart. For example, our photoelectric sensor symbol can be used for 3 wire or 5 wire, terminal or plug and socket connection, all with one easy mouse click.

Benefits: Rather than spending time searching and browsing for symbols, our users get to do some real work.

Symbols that just works irrespective of units.New

Symbols that just works irrespective of page units

Symbols (and circuits) are unit agnostic in Electra, which means that irrespective of whether you draw them in inches, mm, cm or meters, they always scale and size to fit perfectly on your page grid, all transparently and all automatically. Make a single symbol and use it on any page in any measurement unit.

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Unit Agnostic Symbols and Circuits»Unit Agnostic Symbols and Circuits

Benefits: Users get to concentrate on good electrical CAD design and saves lot's of time, rather than repeatedly making symbols for each page units.

Symbols with lots of brains.

Smart electrical symbols that do more

Some symbols in Electra goes even further to help you complete those time consuming manual tasks. For example, our TerminalList symbol automatically list all terminals that you have placed on your drawings. TerminalBlock symbols automatically count and number all TerminalList symbols when you organize your terminals in a block.

The AutoLocation symbol/shape automatically monitors your symbols and displays their locations over multiple pages and present you with a link that you can click to jump to the symbol. The PLC symbol/shape can automatically generate I/O points, digital or analog.

Benefits: Smart symbols that simply works.

Symbols with automatic pin sets

Automatically assigned pin sets for electrical symbols

Electrical symbols with pin names in Electra are automatically displayed and allocated, and will be shown in red when all slots are occupied. In addition, pin sets can also be manually allocated using just a right click.

What's symbols with automatic pin sets and how to use them?»What's symbols with automatic pin sets and how to use them?

Benefits: Users get to concentrate on good electrical circuit design and safety, while Electra takes cares of the nitty gritty details.

Symbols that understand electrical.

Electra understands multiple symbols represents only one component

Electra understands that symbols with the same references, although drawn on multiple pages represents only a single component.

Benefits: Users get to separate drawings into power and controls circuits and have their symbols listed under multiple pages, and still generate a single real world component.

Symbols with multiple components.New

A single electrical symbol can represent multiple real world components

All symbols in Electra can be assigned to one component or more. Components like relay base and relay clips that does not appear as symbols on an electrical circuit can still be attached and assigned to a symbol, to be generated into reports later.

Benefits: Users saves tons of time downstream, when accurate and detailed reports are produced consistently, no more forgotten components during ordering.

Symbols that looks awesome.New

Included in the full/release version are layout 3D symbols that looks simply amazing.

Awesome looking 3D layout shapes for electrical panel layout

Benefits: Use these symbols to generate panel layouts that stands out and gets your customer’s attention everytime.

Making your own symbols.New

Just draw and use Electra to create custom symbols

Creating custom symbols in Electra is super easy. You draw the graphics, and Electra will take care of the rest, including automatic orientation, adding descriptions and automatic adjustment so that it fits on the grid.

How to assign pin names to a custom symbol.»How to assign pin names to a custom symbol.

How to use the PLC module as a symbol generator.»How to use the PLC module as a symbol generator.

Benefits: We designed Electra so that users spend minimal amount of time creating symbols and more time designing electrical schematics and generating profits.

Extensive symbol sets.

Extensive symbol sets in Electra include JIC, IEC, IEC 1, IEC 2, Electronics, Single Line, Panel Layout and Layout 3D symbols.

JIC, IEC, Electronics, Single Line: Extensive symbol sets on electrical CAD software

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Benefits: Start creating circuits right away but still have the flexibility to create your own symbols.