Features and Benefits.

Designed for Minimal Typing.

Spin Buttons designed for minimal typing on electrical cad software

To maximize productivity, we designed an Electrical CAD software that requires minimal typing. Being engineers ourselves, we would rather produce electrical designs faster and safer, but still eliminate manual typing errors.

Symbol and wires in Electra are intelligently and automatically renamed, so that users perform minimal typing. Even when typing is required, spin buttons and double clicking are available on most dialog boxes for modifications using the mouse only.

What is designed for minimal typing?»What is designed for minimal typing?

Benefits: Less typing = faster electrical designs, less typing errors.

Intelligent Naming and Inheritance.

The most repeated task during electrical CAD drafting is the duplication of symbols and wires. When a symbol or wire is duplicated, Electra automatically and intelligently rename it to the next number (e.g. R1 to R2).

Intelligent Numbering and Inheritance for electrical CAD

If you change a reference to your own format (say, "CAD1"), and then duplicated this shape, Electra will inherit the format and intelligently renumber to "CAD2".

What is Intelligent Naming and Inheritance?»What is Intelligent Naming and Inheritance?

Benefits: Intelligent Naming saves lots of typing time. Intelligent inheritance saves even more. It feels like you’ve just hired really good help, show how it’s done once, and Electra picks it up from there, no predefined formats to remember.

Super Smart Wires.New

Intelligent wires for electrical cad software

Wires in Electra are intelligent and super smart.

If they have no name, they will be shown in red. If they are connected to another wire, they will automatically assume the name of whatever wire it is connected to. When a wire name is changed, these changes will be automatically propagated to all connected wires.

When one wire is connected to another, connection points are automatically added and wires are automatically connected. When a wire is moved away, these connection points are automatically deleted. When 2 wires are connected, a black dot is automatically displayed to denote a connection.

What are Super Smart Wires?»What are Super Smart Wires?

How wire propagations works in Electra (Version 2.0.7)?»How wire propagations works in Electra (Version 2.0.7)?

Benefits: Your productivity goes up and your development cost goes way down.

Effortless Wire Links.New

Wire links in electrical schematic software

Using wire links in Electra is easy and effortless. Drop them, pair them, done.

Wire links automatically shows the wire name and location of the target link it is paired to. If you connect a wire to a link, the wire automatically detects it's wire name. If you change the source wire name, the changes gets propagated on all wires and links, even over multiple pages.

How to use wire links?»How to use wire links?

Benefits: Unprecedented electrical design speed, far less manual errors, cleaner and faster electrical drawings.